Organization for Research and Learning

Jr. or Sr. Behavior Analyst

Full-Time in Seattle, WA - Mid Level - Clinical

Under the direction of ORL’s Clinical Services Supervisors, the Consultant is responsible for designing and supervising the implementation of ORL clients' Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs in line with best practices, applicable regulatory guidelines and funding source guidelines.


- Implement comprehensive behavior intervention programs based on complete and accurate data, related, but not limited to the following areas, (1) new skill instruction for client, (2) staff development, (3) family Intervention, and (4) school intervention

- Generate annual developmental graphs for each repertoire targeted for intervention and produces socially significant, robust, and lasting change on those measures

- Design instructional sequences that attend to and account for critical and variable features of instructional stimuli and slice sequences such that each client’s Program Manager can move clients through instructional steps easily

- Demonstrate greater than 90% reliability with CSS’s on across-session data-based decision making

- Design intervention programs that move clients through discrimination, operation, and generation instructional phases as appropriate

- Ensure clients' skills empirically demonstrate the outcomes of skill retention, skill endurance, skill stability, and skill application tests on each skill targeted in intervention where appropriate

- Design and measure meta-level assessments (e.g., cumulative mastered targets, cumulative number of new things learned, etc.)

- Apply applicable current research from the areas of Behavior Analysis, Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention, Precision Teaching, autism interventions

- Remain familiar with the extant and newly emerging research related to the behavior analytic care of persons with autism

- Develop and update treatment plans that describe the recommended plan of care for each client

- Ensure a match between family perception of progress and charted client data

- Ensure that each child’s program addresses family goals and priorities for their child in culturally responsive ways

- Communicate with professionals in a form and of a frequency that directly benefits the client (e.g., team meeting notes, phone consults, co-attendance at team meetings, and email correspondence)

- Conduct school or other observations on schedule decided upon by the team and consented to by the parents

- Employ single subject research designs as appropriate to answer questions, which first pertain to the needs of the learner, and second, that would benefit the field of behavior analysis as appropriate

- Develop forms, procedures, workshops, presentations, etc. to aid ORL in achieving its missions

- Exceed all expectations as described within the Ethical Code of the BACB®

- Present work to professional community nationally, regionally, and locally on behalf of ORL

- Attend professional conferences and events

- Play an active role in ensuring that more junior staff members receive appropriate learning opportunities to advance their clinical skills and knowledge