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Compliance Officer - Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Health Care

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Organization for Research and Learning, Inc, (ORL) a small, boutique, Seattle-based private practice providing home-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children with Autism and related disabilities seeks a Compliance Officer to join our company's leadership team. ORL is the Seattle area's second longest established ABA practice with a longstanding record of local and national leadership.

ORL highly values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate because of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, race, color, national origin, disability, or religious or spiritual preference.

We strongly encourage members of minority populations to apply.

Key Roles & Responsibilities of Our Compliance Officer:

  • Ensure ORL complies with ABA practitioner license rules & regulations
    • Maintain ongoing, working knowledge of Washington State laws & regulations that apply to ORL’s clinical services
    • Monitor funder policy changes
    • Review & analyze compliance data related to each client’s clinical services
    • Review & analyze compliance data related to documentation of clinical services
  • Participate in advocacy efforts to help shape law, regulation, & policy in ways that align with the principles & standards of Applied Behavior Analysis & ORL’s values
    • Maintain working knowledge of initiatives & proposed changes related to the provision of ABA services from state regulatory bodies, external credentialing bodies, & funders
    • Participate materially in related policy committees & their activities
    • Coordinate with ORL’s external advisors (such as legal & human resources consultants) as necessary
    • Develop necessary ORL policy & practices to ensure ORL meets or exceeds regulatory & accreditation standards
    • Develop clinical & employment policy & procedures
    • Develop & oversee implementation of system for documenting clinical services
    • Review & analyze hiring data to ensure ORL maintains equitable & non-discriminatory hiring practices
    • Review & analyze clinical compliance data to ensure ORL maintains high compliance with applicable documentation standards
    • Developed & oversee audit of employee files
  • Advise ORL’s key decision makers in matters related to all aspects of compliance
    • Serve as a trusted advisor to ORL’s owners
    • Serve as an in-house resource for key ORL function areas such as hiring & billing
    • Respond to compliance questions from clinical & administrative staff
  • Ensure ORL’s employees comply with policies & procedures
    • Oversee compliance & maintenance of employees’ files
    • Oversee compliance & maintenance of clients’ files
    • Review operations against policies & procedures and evaluate continued appropriateness of each
    • Develop & implement systems for disseminating P&P changes
    • Manage modification & dissemination of key compliance-related documents such as employee handbooks, client service contracts, & HIPAA privacy notices
    • Provide training & oversight to clinical staff in implementing procedural changes
    • Develop, implement & oversee system for agency staff to document adherence to policy & procedure
    • Manage schedule & maintain documentation of mandatory annual trainings
    • Manage ORL’s incident reporting system
    • Participate in ORL’s restrictive procedures committee process
  • Serve as ORL’s main representative on any matter related to compliance
    • Manage process of credentialing ORL’s clinical services providers with various funders and third party agencies such as state regulatory & external accreditation bodies


  • Minimum of 5 years of post-graduate experience delivering & supervising ABA services across different environments such as community based mental health, outpatient mental health, & ABA clinics
  • Current credential as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Professional certification in health care compliance (such as the Certified Professional -- Compliance Officer credential from the American Academy of Professional Coders or the Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC)® credential from the Health Care Compliance Association)
    • NOTE: ORL may consider subsidizing the costs of otherwise qualified candidates if they agree to earn these additional credentials
  • Extensive experience finding, reading, & understanding law & administrative code that flows from law
  • Direct & extensive training & experience in quality management systems including both internal & external auditing processes
  • Direct & extensive experience working with several kinds of funding sources, including both public and private funding sources
  • Working knowledge of basic human resource & employment regulations

Why Join Our Team?

If you're committed to science- and data-based, very high quality, culturally sensitive, and highly individualized intervention that can only be achieved through small caseloads, close supervision, careful attention to detail, comprehensive assessment, ongoing mentorship, and thoroughgoing participation in a practice community dedicated to constant improvement, then we'd love to chat with you.

What do we value?

  • Excellence, which for us means doing things really well, in the service of doing what's best for people, through ridiculously good, fast, and functional problem solving
  • Communication & Connectedness as evidences through building strong personal relationships, developing trust, knowing the people around us, and doing the work of the organization collaboratively
  • Making a Difference, which we achieve by (1) doing good for our clients, our colleagues, and our communities, and (2) taking that order.
  • Diversity, in whatever way that shows up by including and welcoming anyone who shares these values, and we actively seek those people.

What's it Like to Work Here?

We recently asked members of our professional staff to write down the three words that came to mind when they thought about ORL and we turned those thoughts into the graphic below:

The larger and more centered a word or phrase appears, the more often it came up for people.

We're very proud of the culture we've created and we take very seriously the task of continuing to cultivate it by attracting, retaining, and partnering with incredibly skilled people all dedicated to achieving common good in sometimes uncommon ways.

What's the compensation like?

It's good.

Yes, we cover all "the basics" of a good compensation package including things like:

  • highly competitive salaries
  • good benefits including gold-level medical coverage, health savings accounts, dental & vision benefits, and a retirement plan
  • generous paid time off that starts at two weeks a year and goes up to five weeks a year (and that's not including the paid holidays each year, including flex holiday time so that you can celebrate whatever occasion feels good to you)
  • subsidized professional development opportunities that you pick for yourself and that can include everything from participating in professional conferences, to taking a class, to earning additional credentials, or something else that you're interested in that we may not even have thought of

But, in addition to those things, we also strive so help you create a work environment that really works for you and respects all the other parts of your life and who you are. To help with that we offer things like:

  • Flexible work schedules
    • Would life work easier if you worked full time but compressed that into 4 days a week instead of 5? Fine. Let's talk about it.
  • Flexible work locations
    • Would you prefer not to come into the office and instead to do some of your work at home? No problem.
    • Would you prefer not to work at home and instead come into our offices? Again, no problem. We maintain a very comfortable office space where you can work at a table or sit by a fire. (And we have pretty good coffee, juices, soft drinks, and snacks)
  • Flexible work loads
    • Is something happening in your life that would be made easier by temporarily reducing how much you work? Okay. We'll do our best to figure out (and, remember, we REALLY value ridiculously good problem solving, so chances are good we'll be able to find a solution that works for everyone)

Why do we off all of this?

That's easy.

Our ability to serve our clients well, to do that work to the high level of quality we enjoy, and to create a community of smart people with diverse perspectives and overlapping--but also differing--perspectives depends completely on our ability to maintain long professional relationships with a wide range of smart, dedicated, people who are happy dong what they do.

We look forward to getting the chance to know you a bit better.